O2 Ventures

When you bring together inspired, smart, dedicated and hardworking people — magic happens

O2V is a team of technology and business leaders with a passion to help others succeed. We are experts in building software companies and we can help you start and grow yours. We help you succeed.

What We Do

Software Development

We are ready to work on solutions to the hardest technical challenges. From initial requirements to production deployment, we can handle the entire development cycle and everything in between.

Strategy and Product

Strategy formulation. Definition, iteration and refinement of your product. We built a number of successful software products and we can help you do the same.

Fundraising / Investment

Get your company investor-ready, refine your pitch, due diligence preparation, datarooms, investor introductions and more.

Organizational Matters

Help your growing organization with legal, organizational, HR and other operational matters you are facing.

Who We Are


O2 Ventures is a team of technology and business leaders.

We are experts in modern software development and startups. We apply cutting edge technology to build great applications and backends that power them.

We build several startups into large companies: 500px, Pickapaw, etc and we can help you do it too.



Some of the companies we built or helped build


How Can We Help?

Need a web app built or a mobile app lanched?
Product strategy? User acquisition? Scaling a growing system?
Financial models, projection? Fundraising?

Send us a message: hello@o2.ventures